How do you sync your mail constantly?

Tomas Nordin tomasn at
Mon Nov 5 11:35:17 PST 2018

Hello Vika

Vika Shleina <kisik21 at> writes:

> Hello list! I encountered a bit of an UX issue, I think. How do you
> synchronize mail constantly and index it with notmuch? 

I use offlineimap for syncing. Works perfect for me. I am syncing two
mail accounts this way, using some mail service providers. Offlineimap
works by keep running and I have it configured to sync every 4 minutes.
Then I have a hook (postsynchook) in the offlineimap config that calls a
script where I index and tag stuff with notmuch. It shouldn't be
difficult to move messages between folders during that script, I guess
before indexing with notmuch.

> My current setup is mbsync in pre-hook, then post hook: alot + alot
> move-mode + mbsync + notifymuch. All of this is run manually. The thing
> is - I need to sync all folders since I move mails (so my INBOX would
> not get clogged by mailing list messages when I'm viewing it on mobile).

I do some refiling of mailing-list items, but semi-manually. I have
key-bindings to mark messages with a tag 'rfile' and then in the 'hello'
buffer I have a another key-binding to trigger the actual move between
folders. I put those list-messages in a folder 'archive' which is not
synced and hence gets deleted from server. (Not sure if this was also
your concern but anyway).

Happy Notmuching

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