Mail to self

David Bremner david at
Sat Oct 27 12:58:51 PDT 2018

Leo Gaspard <leo at> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm looking for a way to have notmuch consider, when it finds both an
> unread and a read mail with the same Message-Id (eg. sending a mail to
> self from a phone), that the mail is unread (because I'd rather have too
> many mails unread than miss important mail, and it's also useful for
> tests).
> Do you see any way of having notmuch do this?

After a discussion on IRC, my understanding is the following. The
underlying behaviour that Leo is objecting to is that if any one file
with a given message-id has the ,S maildir flag, then when notmuch syncs
maildir flags to tags, it will remove the unread tag from that
message-id. After some back and forth and thinking about it, I think
notmuch's current behaviour is actually correct (given the constraint
that tags attach to message-ids). You could argue for different ways of
resolving conflicts for maildir flags in general, but the ",S" or "seen"
flag has fairly natural common sense semantics.


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