HTML email not on white background are illegible

Istvan Marko notmuch at
Thu Oct 25 13:14:14 PDT 2018

Leo Gaspard <leo at> writes:

> So this may be an issue that's not worth fixing, but here it comes:
> I receive email from people who write HTML emails. And sometimes these
> people assume a white background, and write with a hardcoded dark grey
> color, which makes everything hard to read.
> TBH, I don't think the “solution” of just putting every HTML email on a
> white background is actually a solution. So I wonder, do you have easy
> workarounds for this issue? Changing the colorscheme on each such mail
> is not very user-friendly :)

My personal workaround is to disable document colors and fonts:

(setq shr-use-colors nil
      shr-use-fonts nil)

This assumes that you have mm-text-html-renderer set to shr (which is
probably the case if you see colors).

For emails where this doesn't work well I use ". v" on the text/html
part to launch it in an external browser.


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