Tag duplicate messages with notmuch insert

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Mon Oct 15 02:42:19 PDT 2018

Thomas Schneider <qsx at chaotikum.eu> writes:

> From notmuch-insert(1):
>> If the new message is a duplicate of an existing message in the
>> database (it has same Message-ID), it will be added to the maildir
>> folder and notmuch database, but the tags will not be changed.
> It might however be desired to apply the new tags even when the message
> is a duplicate.  How complicated would it be to implement this?

It doesn't look especially hard, assuming the obvious small change to
add_file() in notmuch-insert.c works. I didn't look at the equivalent
code path in notmuch-new.c. Presumably you'd want them both to behave
the same way.


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