[PATCH RFC] index: add body: search query term

William Casarin jb55 at jb55.com
Wed Oct 10 09:34:26 PDT 2018

David Bremner <david at tethera.net> writes:

> William Casarin <jb55 at jb55.com> writes:

> I think you'll find you broke non-prefixed queries. Does the test suite
> still pass? If so, we need more tests.

yeah they seem to pass. but you're right, something seems a bit off:

    ./notmuch count subject:github or body:github and tag:notmuch

    ./notmuch count github and tag:notmuch

> of terms I'd be intersted how much this bloats the index. Ideally with
> the performance corpus so we can all reproduce the experiment.

sounds good, I was wondering that as well.

I wonder if it's all worth the effort though, since a workaround could

    notmuch search <query> and not subject:<query>

If it's too annoying to have a body prefix, due to index bloat or
performance issues, would doing something hacky such as translating
'body:<query>' to '<query> and not subject:<query>' make sense?



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