[PATCH] emacs: filter tag completions by current query

David Edmondson dme at dme.org
Mon Oct 8 06:29:12 PDT 2018

On Monday, 2018-10-08 at 15:14:50 +02, Jeff Templon wrote:

> Hi,
> David Edmondson <dme at dme.org> writes:
>> On Monday, 2018-10-08 at 14:46:25 +02, Jeff Templon wrote:
>>> hi guys,
>>> a question from a newbie - where are all these things documented?  The
>>> notmuch-emacs documentation that I could find was pretty basic IIRC.
>> Jeff, which things do you mean?
> I see all sorts of things being discussed in these patches that look
> useful, but they didn't seem to show up in the manual.  I'll try to
> remember to jot it down next time, but there are a lot of things that
> only seem to be mentioned if one does "C-h m" in the mode itself.

We don't have a good manual, I agree.

Producing one is hard :-(

> There is this "basic guide" (quotes from the doc itself):
> https://notmuchmail.org/notmuch-emacs/
> and this tips and tricks page
> https://notmuchmail.org/emacstips/
> I haven't found more documentation than this, except via Google and "C-h
> m"

They like the smell of it in Hollywood.

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