[PATCH 1/2] completion: more complete completion for zsh.

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Tue Oct 2 17:40:54 PDT 2018

Vincent Breitmoser <look at my.amazin.horse> writes:

> This adds completion files for zsh that cover most of notmuch's cli.
> The files in completion/zsh are formatted so that they can be found by
> zsh's completion system if put $fpath. They are also registered to the
> notmuch-* pattern, so they can be called externally using _dispatch.
> Update installation recipe and drop debian/notmuch.examples to avoid
> breakage. This means zsh completion is not installed for debian, to be
> fixed in a future commit.

as discussed on IRC, pushed with modified _email-notmuch


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