Cutting down on unwanted emails using notmuch

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Sat Sep 29 22:57:29 PDT 2018

Hi everyone,

About a year ago I implemented a solution to cut down on unwanted 
emails using notmuch. I wrote about it here:

The tl;dr version: I use a whitelist approach. Any email from a 
new address automatically gets a quarantine tag, and no inbox 
tag. The sender gets an email asking to confirm their email 
address. Once they do that, they get into a whitelist and all 
their emails that have the quarantine tag are switched over to 
having the inbox tag.

I have Emacs keybindings to:

1. Quarantine a person who got into my inbox and shouldn't have 
(i.e. "-inbox +quarantine"). It also runs a script to remove them 
from the whitelist.

2. Dequarantine: The exact opposite of the above.

Since it was built using notmuch, I thought you'd be interested. 

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