unused/total message counts in hello screen?

Jeff Templon templon at nikhef.nl
Fri Sep 21 07:36:06 PDT 2018


My first post here.  It seems i can do what the subject line asks but I
am not quite there in terms of seeing it (not an elisp guy).

to be specific, in the notmuch-hello screen if I click "show all" for
tags, part of what I see is

	   4 lists/it-dep
	   2 lists/it-dep-di
	 272 lists/it-dep-full
	 107 lists/it-dep-gd
	 189 lists/it-dep-gt
	   1 lists/it-dept
	   2 lists/it-dept-ext

what I am looking for, ideally, would be

           4 lists/it-dep
           2 lists/it-dep-di
      14/272 lists/it-dep-full
       7/107 lists/it-dep-gd
      33/189 lists/it-dep-gt
           1 lists/it-dept
           2 lists/it-dept-ext

where the first number (before the slash) is the number of unread
messages under that tag.  An alternative would be if I could toggle the
entire page to show just the unread tags (so any tags for which all
messages were read would just not show up).  Maybe even preferable, that
last one.

Thanks :-)


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