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Gregor Zattler telegraph at
Mon Aug 13 03:50:38 PDT 2018

Hi Domingo,
* Domingo Gómez <domingo.domingogomez at> [2018-08-11; 11:14]:
>    - How can I sort the messages in a thread from the newest to
>    oldest?

I would not know of a way to achieve this.

>    - Some emails are answers to emails that I sent and contain things like: On
>    09/08/18 13:13, <MY NAME> wrote: Is it possible to not show it by
>    default? and is it possible to set a key to show it again?

How about adding 'AND NOT "<MY NAME>"' (without the single
quotes)?  Notmuch-emacs shows not-matching messages folded 
or at least you can configure notmuch-emacs to do so.  Show the
folded message with RETURN or all of them with ALT+RETURN.

>    - Also in a thread, using notmuch-show, is there any key to move to the
>    next message of the thread?

That would be "n"?

Ciao; Gregor
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