bug: wrong order of messages in notmuch-show

Gregor Zattler telegraph at gmx.net
Mon Jul 2 01:06:01 PDT 2018

Hi David,
* David Bremner <david at tethera.net> [2018-07-01; 21:23]:
> Gregor Zattler <telegraph at gmx.net> writes:
> The thread is not ordered that way here. Can you run the "draw-thread"
> tool in id:20180410014539.24717-1-david at tethera.net and send the output
> (either dot or PDF) as an attachement to the list?

sure, I produced two sets of files:

the ones with "for-real" in their names are done with my working
notmuch installation, the ones with "test-order-notmuch" in their
names are done with ta maildir which only contains the relevant

> Yes, I'll probably need the tar file to reproduce it. If it's small
> (<50k), send it to the list, otherwise let me know how I can pick it up.

This tar file also contains a tar file with the xapian database for these 8
messages etc.:

Thanks for looking into this.  Ciao; Gregor 

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