Notmuch suddenly stopped working

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Wed Apr 18 06:39:31 PDT 2018

David Bremner <david at> writes:

> The only things that happen after that message is closing the notmuch
> database and running the post-new hook. IIUC, you said you disabled the
> post-new hook so that leaves closing the database. Not sure what could
> go wrong there, but some things to try

Would the post-new hook run if the database did not close? In my case
the post-new script was running. 

> - check disk space
> - run xapian-check on the xapian database

Disk space is fine.

xapian-check gives:

baseA blocksize=8K items=85613 lastblock=285 revision=73183 levels=1 root=268
B-tree checked okay
record table structure checked OK

baseA blocksize=8K items=171226 lastblock=68023 revision=73183 levels=2 root=27394
B-tree checked okay
termlist table structure checked OK

baseA blocksize=8K items=2413415 lastblock=53350 revision=73183 levels=2 root=35
Failed to check B-tree: DatabaseError: Stored total free space value wrong
baseB blocksize=8K items=22315184 lastblock=75964 revision=73183 levels=2 root=75964
B-tree checked okay
position table structure checked OK

Lazily created, and not yet used.

Lazily created, and not yet used.

Total errors found: 1

Not sure how serious that error is.

Now the weird thing: Overnight, it suddenly started working fine again!
I didn't do anything (not even the check command).

If it happens again, I'll try the patch you sent.


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