Notmuch suddenly stopped working

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Tue Apr 17 18:21:11 PDT 2018


My setup:

Running version 0.24.2

I use maildir. Suddenly, a few days ago, notmuch stopped indexing. When
I run notmuch new, I get:

Processed 274 total files in almost no time.
Added 33 new messages to the database.

But it doesn't get added. No error message. A subsequent run gives me
the same result (or more "new messages" if new mail has arrived). I have
a post hook Python script, and it runs fine, but sees no new mails. I've
set up notmuch to tag all new mails with "new", but none of them are
tagged that way. I disabled the Python script - it made no difference.

I made no changes to my computer - did not reboot, did not install
anything, etc.

(BTW, usual search operations are working fine for items already in the

Help me debug!


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