Header encryption / memoryhole

Varac varac at leap.se
Mon Apr 2 09:58:28 PDT 2018


I'd like to know the state of header encryption support for
notmuch (aka memoryhole) [1].
Since enigmail 2.0 is able to encrypt certain mail headers like
subject i.e. if GPG-encryption is used, more and more mails
show up in my mailbox with the subject "Encrypted message".
That's great, people adopt it!

The "Implementations" sections of [1] says:

"notmuch: Memory Hole for parsing is under development, notmuch doesn't generate 

Can somebody please clarify the state here please ?
It would be great if notmuch could support it.

Greetings, Varac

[1] https://github.com/autocrypt/memoryhole
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