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Brian Sniffen bts at evenmere.org
Mon Mar 19 14:40:40 PDT 2018

Throw your function name, catch it outside the save-excursion, and raise an error there?

Brian Sniffen

> On Mar 19, 2018, at 4:16 PM, Antoine Beaupré <anarcat at orangeseeds.org> wrote:
>> On 2018-03-19 15:57:05, Brian Sniffen wrote:
>> `error` doesn’t do any unwinding; it leaves the program state wherever it was for analysis.  You probably want throw/catch, as described at https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/elisp/Catch-and-Throw.html#Catch-and-Throw
> Wait, but what tag would I throw? message-send doesn't do any catching
> around the hook calls...
> a.
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