Address Completion No Longer Working

david wen riccardi-zhu dwrz at
Thu Mar 15 19:12:09 PDT 2018

Hi David,

My apologies if I am missing something obvious, but I'm getting 
the following:

Cannot find notmuch-emacs source directory

I've tried running the script from both my home directory and my 
.emacs.d. The script states:

;; Try the notmuch emacs client located in ../emacs/ directory

I'm not sure which directory this is referring to.

Thanks again for your time!

David Bremner <david at> writes:

> david wen riccardi-zhu <dwrz at> writes: 
>> Is what I'm seeing potentially a misconfiguration, or bug in 
>> company-mode? 
>> The last customizations I made to my init was editing my 
>> text-mode-hook (where I did specify some company-backends) and 
>> then just some minor counsel and ripgrep related changes. I 
>> haven't touched my notmuch-related config in some time. However 
>> I don't have my init under version control, and it is a mess, 
>> so perhaps I'm missing something. : ( FWIW, fish is also not a 
>> recent development. 
> The obvious thing to try is try-emacs-mua script from the source 
> (attached) 
> This will let you use company without any of your personal 
> configuration. Run as e.g. "sh ./try-emacs-mua -q" 


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