wish: notmuch-emacs: wash From: / To: and Subject: in notmuch search / show

Gregor Zattler telegraph at gmx.net
Fri Mar 2 04:27:39 PST 2018

Dear notmuch-emacs developers,

it would be nice if there was a facility to wash (= shorten)
the displayed To:, From:  and Subject headers at least for
the display of notmuch search results.

>From the users perspective this could be done via a list of
regular expressions with corresponding short forms.

I assume this would be best achieved in a frontend, not in notmuch
the command line utility.

Example use case:
Some of my emails are from a request tracker and have
extraordinary long From: and Subject: suffixes which add up to 49
characters.  The only way to see the relevant parts of both From:
and Subject: in this cases is to use notmuch-emacs in a single,
maximized window.  I would like to radically shorten this

Ciao; Gregor
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