Suggestion for Emacs: notmuch-draft-dirs

Karl Fogelmark karlfogel at
Thu Feb 15 04:44:39 PST 2018


I've just started migrating to emacs notmuch from another emacs mail client.
My situation is that I have multiple email accounts and I want to mirror the
web interface of each e-mail service, so I can use either the web interface or
notmuch interchangeably.

Setting notmuch-fcc-dirs allows me to do this (as far as I can tell), by
choosing the correct "sent" maildir depending on "From" filed.

Now I'd also like drafts to be saved in different maildirs depending on the
"From" field of the active message; however, there is no notmuch-draft-dirs
with analogous behavior, instead, there's only notmuch-draft-folder, which
only allows one constant string.

Currently I have:
(setq notmuch-fcc-dirs '(("" . "\"work/Sent Items\" -unread -inbox" )
                         ("" . "\"private/Sent Items\" -unread -inbox" )))

(setq notmuch-draft-folder "work/Drafts")

But it would be nice if the last line could be:

(setq notmuch-draft-dirs '(("" . "\"work/Drafts \" -unread -inbox" )
                          ("" . "\"private/Drafts \" -unread -inbox" )))

On IRC it was suggested I send this suggestion through here.


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