[PATCH v2 11/11] emacs: notmuch-show: add filesize to headerline

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Sat Jun 10 17:55:42 PDT 2017

Ioan-Adrian Ratiu <adi at adirat.com> writes:

>  	    date
>  	    ") ("
> +	    (file-size-human-readable filesize)
> +	    ") ("
>  	    (notmuch-tag-format-tags tags tags)

I think this should probably be optional.  I don't know that everyone
will want to give up the screen space for this. I'm not sure how hard it
would be to have a fully customizable format like notmuch-search-result-format

Another thing I noticed is that your emacs code crashes when used
against an older version of notmuch.  You can either make the emacs code
more robust, or use the format-version machinery to ensure that the
emacs binary version is new enough.  The former is probably nicer since
you most likely want to gracefully handle databases without the filesize
value slot.

Finally, with the current patch series, there are over 200 failing
tests. That's obviously something to improve ;).


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