[PATCH v2 08/11] notmuch-search: output total_filesize thread result

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Sat Jun 10 17:22:44 PDT 2017

Ioan-Adrian Ratiu <adi at adirat.com> writes:

> This works for all the search output formats (sexp, json, text).
>  	    if (format->is_text_printer) {
>                  /* Special case for the text formatter */
> -		printf ("thread:%s %12s [%d/%d] %s; %s (",
> +		printf ("thread:%s %lu %12s [%d/%d] %s; %s (",

I'm not convinced about this change. I don't think that everyone finds it
as important as you to know the total filesize in a thread. It also
breaks many tests. One thing I noticed when running the tests is that in
quite a few cases, it prints 0. So I suspect there is some bugs left.

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