[PATCH] Add Emacs' imenu support in notmuch-show and notmuch-search

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Fri Jun 9 17:12:26 PDT 2017

Damien Cassou <damien at cassou.me> writes:

> Emacs' major modes can facilitate navigation in their buffers by
> supporting Imenu. In such major modes, launching Imenu (M-x imenu)
> makes Emacs display a list of items (e.g., function definitions in a
> code buffer). Selecting an item from this list moves point to this
> item.
> This patch adds Imenu support to both notmuch-show and notmuch-search
> buffers:
> * in notmuch-show, Imenu will present a list of all messages in the
>   currently visible thread;
> * in notmuch-search, Imenu will present a list of all messages in the
>   search buffer.

In show mode the chosen imenu index function seems less useful to me; it
treats indentation level as significant, so in threads with many levels
of reply, one has to type many periods. It's also not clear to me that
the information on the header line is very helpful for navigation, even
without indentation.


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