[patch v3 06/12] lib: index message files with duplicate message-ids

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg at fifthhorseman.net
Sun Jun 4 13:34:38 PDT 2017

On Sun 2017-06-04 09:32:29 -0300, David Bremner wrote:
> The corresponding xapian document just gets more terms added to it,
> but this doesn't seem to break anything. Values on the other hand get
> overwritten, which is a bit annoying, but arguably it is not worse to
> take the values (from, subject, date) from the last file indexed
> rather than the first.

It's certainly a change in behavior, though.  This suggests that i can
send you mail and have it change how an existing message shows up in the
summary view, for example.

for example, i could follow up on the current message with another
message with Message-Id: 20170604123235.24466-7-david at tethera.net and
give it a subject "Re: [patch v3 06/12] lib: do *not* index message
files with duplicate message-ids".  that's a bit odd, no?

I'm not saying it's wrong, i'm just hoping to acknowledge that this
might be a controversial change.

this whole series is pretty elaborate, of course, but so far it's
looking like reasonable steps toward a clearer and more hackable

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