Modify kill and exit functions on emacs notmuch mode

Kiso Katsuyuki katsuyuki2388 at
Sun Jun 4 08:37:10 PDT 2017

> ... but as someone(tm) may know, everyone have their own workflow
> ( ) in their notmuch usage -- someone may
> e.g. start writing email based on arbitrary C code buffer, and
> after email send, return to that buffer instead of going to some
> other notmuch buffer.

I see. Many people may not feel unusefulness, as you said, and
I misunderstood that the selection priority of asterisk buffers like
"*notmuch-hello*" are lower than file buffers.
The problem seems to be my environmental problem because
there are no difference of priority between asterisk buffers and
file ones by default ('emacs -q').

> An alternative to this series would be adding a buffer selection
> hook variable which anyone can set to bre^H^H^H^improve their
> usage.

I appreciate your advice, but I am satisfied with this change and
will keep this change local now.

Warm Regards,

木曽 勝之 (Katsuyuki Kiso)

mail: katsuyuki2388 at

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