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David Bremner david at
Sat Jun 3 10:47:31 PDT 2017

This is the first allegedly complete version of support for gmime 3

It obsoletes several partial series [1][2]

   - id:20170602022232.17264-1-david at
   - patches 9-11, starting at id:20170527165121.9654-10-david at

There still remains the question of whether we should include

      [PATCH 10/23] test: test parsing of malformed from addresses

I'm not very optimistic about a fix coming along, and it's not
obviously a big issue for users.

The following are crypto related, and could particularly use review

[PATCH 01/23] emacs: convert to use format-version 3
[PATCH 02/23] devel/schemata: describe version 4
[PATCH 03/23] cli: implement structured output version 4
[PATCH 07/23] test/crypto: mark extra space in userid as a bug in
[PATCH 08/23] test: add test for modified pgp/mime signed message
[PATCH 09/23] test/crypto: add test for corrupted signatures
[PATCH 16/23] cli: generalize use of GMIME_SIGNATURE_{ERROR,STATUS}
[PATCH 17/23] cli: hide rename of GMimeCertificateTrust
[PATCH 22/23] cli: make keyid from fingerprint in gmime 3.0
[PATCH 23/23] cli: wrap getting uid

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