v3 of pre-gmime-3.0 cleanup

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Sat May 27 09:51:10 PDT 2017

This obsoletes [1]. Since that series, a bit of the actual port to
gmime-3.0 has crept in, in order to be able to mark tests as broken
with respect a particular gmime version.

The series in progress [2] has grown to 21 patches, and this is
roughly the first half. Currently there about 7 failing tests (not
counting the 5 marked broken) all crypto related. Basically my
quick-and-dirty translation of crypto status is not really close
enough, and probably can't really be perfect because the old version
reported raw error numbers in json/sexp output. That's probably wrong,
and certainly unportable between gmime major versions.

There are 3 sub-series here.

1) eliminate mixing gmime stream output with raw printfs

[Patch v3 01/11] util: convenience function to create gmime stream
[Patch v3 02/11] cli/reply: direct all output for text format to
[Patch v3 03/11] cli/show: use single stream for printf / gmime

2) Fix some memory leaks

[Patch v3 04/11] perf-test: add memory test for reply
[Patch v3 05/11] cli/reply: fix two memory leaks, document a third

3) Update test suite
[Patch v3 06/11] test/thread-naming: remove excess escaping from
[Patch v3 11/11] test: mark test as broken in gmime 3.0

[1]: id:20170523005351.15431-1-david at tethera.net
[2]: http://pivot.cs.unb.ca/git?p=notmuch.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/gmime-3.0

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