[PATCH] emacs: with prefix argument, notmuch-show-stash-date stashes timestamp

Jani Nikula jani at nikula.org
Fri May 12 11:45:54 PDT 2017

On Thu, 11 May 2017, David Bremner <david at tethera.net> wrote:
> Tomi Ollila <tomi.ollila at iki.fi> writes:
>> Using timestamp of a message is useful in many Xapian queries.
>> ---
>> This is my suggested alternative to id:20170110181525.18269-1-jani at nikula.org
>> since my comments in id:m2fuimv4mj.fsf at guru.guru-group.fi
> In case it's not obvious, I'm waiting for you two to come to some
> consensus on this one.

This patch seems like a worthwhile addition no matter what, and doesn't
prevent us from adding formatted stashing later if we so decide.


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