[gmailieer] [release v0.1] Fast fetch and two-way tag synchronization between notmuch and GMail

Gaute Hope eg at gaute.vetsj.com
Tue May 9 04:27:27 PDT 2017


  gmailieer now has its first release!

'gmailieer' (or 'gmi') is a small program that can pull email and labels
from your GMail account and store them locally in a maildir with the
labels synchronized with a notmuch database. The changes to tags in the
notmuch database may be pushed back to your GMail account.

Main new features are:

* Exponential backoff on most remote requests making gmi more robust
  when synchronizing lots of changes.

* An API key is included so you can get started right away without getting
  any keys from Google.

Instructions and source code can be found here:


  This is still experimental, but gmi does not have access to delete
  e-mail on your remote account - only fetch and change labels, so damage
  should be limited.

  Thanks to several contributors for bug-fixes and debugging!

Regards, Gaute

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