RFC: should GMime use GDateTime instead of time_t?

Jeffrey Stedfast jestedfa at microsoft.com
Sun Mar 26 05:50:30 PDT 2017

Hey all,

Currently, g_mime_message_get_date() is somewhat awkward in that it returns a time_t but also has a int *tzone parameter that gets set to the timezone offset.

I only just recently even discovered that Glib had a GDateTime and thought *maybe* it might be a better alternative, but figured I'd check with the 2 main projects using GMime to see what your thoughts were.

Would it make your tasks easier? Harder?

I personally don't mind the time_t API, especially since it's unlike you'll be adding/subtracting time from it and there are already ways of formatting date strings with it (for display purposes).

I haven't really played with GDateTime so I don't know how useful it would really be. Hoping that maybe some of you guys *have* and will perhaps have an opinion one way or the other (e.g. "for the love of God, yes! Please use GDateTime!" or "Oh hellllllll no!". If not, I'll probably just leave it as it is.



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