notmuch new: emails with BOM are ignored

David Bremner david at
Sun Mar 5 04:23:36 PST 2017

Andreas Amann <a.amann at> writes:

> Hi,
> I recently received some spam mails, which have a utf-16 byte order mark
> (BOM) U+FEFF as the first character in one of their "Received:"
> lines. When I run "notmuch new" I get the following:
> Note: Ignoring non-mail file: /home/user/Mail/new/path_to_email_with_BOM
> Could this be a bug in notmuch? Possible emails with BOM are not "legal"
> anyhow, but in my opinion it would be better to simply ignore the BOM.
> I am using notmuch 0.18.
> Andreas

I couldn't duplicate this old report with current notmuch. I replaced
"Received: " with "Received: <BOM>" but the message was picked up by
notmuch new.


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