Add (extracted) attachment text to the search index?

David Bremner david at
Wed Mar 1 03:34:39 PST 2017

Olaf TNSB <still.another.person at> writes:

> HI,
> I was wondering if it was possible to add the text extracted from an
> attachment to the search index?
> For the moment let's leave aside the important issues like - security,
> buffer overflows, clients having to install
> doc2text/pandoc/pdftotext/whatever...
> I *think* I'm trying to ask - How can I take a lump of text (e.g. from an
> attachment) and associate it with a message ID so I can then search for it?
> Is this a notmuch command, or a Xapien command?

This would require some modifications of notmuch. Either modifying
lib/ to add the terms at indexing (notmuch new/insert) time, or
providing some way of adding the terms later. The former actually sounds
simpler to me.


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