bug report

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Tue Feb 21 17:29:12 PST 2017

Andy Wills <home at willslab.co.uk> writes:

> andy at andy-x200:~/work/talks/2017/icps$ notmuch new 
> Processed 230 total files in 7s (29 files/sec.).
> Added 212 new messages to the database. Removed 85 messages. Detected 18 file renames.
> Error: A Xapian exception occurred flushing database: Value in posting list too large.
> ...and it seems that, since I've been getting this error, new emails
> are not reliably being found by, for example M-x notmuch in emacs.

Hi Andy;

What version of notmuch is that? From the error message it sounds
pre-2014. That particular code was rewritten in notmuch 0.19, so if my
guess is correct it might be fixed by newer notmuch.


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