i do not have INBOX

David Belohrad david at belohrad.ch
Fri Jan 20 08:20:06 PST 2017

Dear all,
thanks for hint, i'm however not sure how to apply this on afew, which i'd like to use to move the mails around. The 'default' afew example config is similar to this:

folders = INBOX .Trash
INBOX = 'tag:deleted':.Trash
.Trash = 'NOT tag:deleted':INBOX

if i'm however not able to specify folder as empty, this would not work, right? (i know, this is rather question for Justus, author of afew, hence putting in copy)


Brian Sniffen <bts at evenmere.org> writes:

> David Bremner <david at tethera.net> writes:
>> David Belohrad <david at belohrad.ch> writes:
>>> my directory does not contain INBOX, as inside the Maildir folder is
>>> directly /cur, /new, /tmp. How do I search in this particular one?
>> Quoting notmuch-search-terms(7)
>>        The  exact  syntax for maildir folders depends on your mail configura‐
>>        tion. For maildir++, folder:"" matches the inbox folder (which is  the
>>        root  in  maildir++),  other  folder  names always start with ".", and
>>        nested folders are separated by "."s, such  as  folder:.classes.topol‐
>>        ogy.  For  "file  system" maildir, the inbox is typically folder:INBOX
>>        and   nested   folders   are   separated   by   slashes,    such    as
>>        folder:classes/topology.
>>> The question is related to usage of 'afew' to move all mails which
>>> have 'deleted' tag into Trash folder (which I have under .Trash)
>> Hopefully the above is enough to help you formulate the right query.
>> You probably also want the options --format=text0 and --output=files for
>> notmuch search.
> The next paragraph of that man page has an important warning for anyone
> planning on re-arranging files based on the results of notmuch:
>        Both path: and folder: will find a message if any copy of that
>        message  is  in  the specific directory/folder.
> It's important to filter the names (e.g., `notmuch ...|grep -Fzv
> /.|xargs -Ifoo mv foo $MAILDIR/.Trash/cur/`) before relying on them.
> -Brian

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