i do not have INBOX

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Fri Jan 20 04:45:35 PST 2017

David Belohrad <david at belohrad.ch> writes:

> my directory does not contain INBOX, as inside the Maildir folder is
> directly /cur, /new, /tmp. How do I search in this particular one?

Quoting notmuch-search-terms(7)

       The  exact  syntax for maildir folders depends on your mail configura‐
       tion. For maildir++, folder:"" matches the inbox folder (which is  the
       root  in  maildir++),  other  folder  names always start with ".", and
       nested folders are separated by "."s, such  as  folder:.classes.topol‐
       ogy.  For  "file  system" maildir, the inbox is typically folder:INBOX
       and   nested   folders   are   separated   by   slashes,    such    as

> The question is related to usage of 'afew' to move all mails which
> have 'deleted' tag into Trash folder (which I have under .Trash)

Hopefully the above is enough to help you formulate the right query.
You probably also want the options --format=text0 and --output=files for
notmuch search.


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