[RFC PATCH] rfc: make 'make distclean' always use current Makefile.config

David Bremner david at tethera.net
Sat Jan 7 18:27:01 PST 2017

Tomi Ollila <tomi.ollila at iki.fi> writes:

I like the idea here; it's an annoying wait. Could we do something
similar for make clean?

> ... and not recreate it (slowly) if 'configure' changed, just to
> be deleteted later during 'make distclean'.

> +# In case of 'make distclean' have configure as order-only prerequisite so
> +# that Makefile.config is not recreated when configure is newer than it is.
> +ifeq ($(MAKECMDGOALS),distclean)

Two comments

- do we want to check for exactly distclean, or distclean one of the

- it turns out that specifying e.g. "make distclean all" is currently
  broken (before your patch)

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