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Sat Jan 7 05:40:18 PST 2017

David Bremner <david at> writes:

> Tomas Nordin <tomasn at> writes:
>> Hello Notmuchers
>> When I get zip files as attachment with pictures, they all expand for
>> viewing. Can I turn this off?
>> Best regards
>> -- 
> I agree this a bad default. I haven't had a chance to investigate much,
> but it seems like the place we can control this is by setting
> mm-inline-media-tests. IIUC, the third element of the alist element is a
> function to test if the part should be inlined. By default this is
> #'identity, which unconditionally inlines zip archives.

The following should override it globally. (e.g. added to .emacs)

 (assoc-default "application/zip" mm-inline-media-tests #'string-match nil)
 (list #'mm-archive-dissect-and-inline (lambda (handle) nil)))

I only tested with "application/zip" replaced by
"application/x-tar-archive", but the principle should be the same.

I'm not really sure the right way of handling this as a default. It's
always a bit tricky with configuration shared with gnus.

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