How to index arbitrary headers?

Petri Savolainen petri at
Wed Oct 3 11:32:30 PDT 2012


thanks for your response. I am evaluating notmuch / xapian for building an
application for analyzing in various ways a fairly large number of emails
accumulated over several years. I am afraid the number of headers that
would ultimately need to be indexed is therefore quite a lot larger than
what notmuch currently indexes.


2012/10/1 Austin Clements <amdragon at>

> Quoth Petri Savolainen on Oct 01 at  3:39 pm:
> >    Hello,
> >    I could not find information anywhere in notmuch docs about what is
> >    actually indexed - specifically, what email headers are indexed and
> >    searchable? If a header is not indexed, does searching for its value
> still
> >    result in a search hit?
> >    It would be nice if one could just provide the list of headers to be
> >    indexed in some configuration file or something.
> >    Thanks,
> >     Petri
> notmuch doesn't currently implement this, though it is an
> oft-requested feature.  One (not insurmountable) difficulty is that
> the database would have to be rebuilt if a user-configured list of
> headers changed and there are technical limitations that prevent us
> from simply indexing all headers.  Out of curiosity, what headers are
> you interested in indexing?
> The currently indexed headers are described in man
> notmuch-search-terms.
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