priorities for 0.13

Austin Clements amdragon at MIT.EDU
Sat Apr 28 16:09:12 PDT 2012

Quoth David Bremner on Apr 25 at  9:31 am:
> Hi All;
> I'd like to have a feature freeze for 0.13 sometime in the first week of
> May.  What do people feel are priorities to try to get reviewed and
> pushed for 0.13?

I've posted the changes to notmuch_database_{open,create} that we've
discussed would be nice to go in along with the SO version bump:
  id:"1335651473-19652-1-git-send-email-amdragon at"

Just to keep track of things, I also posted a patch to bump the SO
  id:"1335651936-27209-1-git-send-email-amdragon at"
But feel free to do that however's most convenient.

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