Possible bug with notmuch search & --limit --offset

Mark Walters markwalters1009 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 09:18:45 PDT 2012

On Thu, 26 Apr 2012, jake <jake at mgap.ru> wrote:
> Hello, 
> I'm finding that when I use the --limit option with the output=files and
> offset=N that the returned list of files is of variable length.
> For instance when:
> notmuch search --output=files --offset=6 --limit=2 steve
> it returns
> /var/spool/mail/virtual/archive/sl/.Sent/cur/1335243985.M765351P23366V000000
> 0000000801I0000000000820E9C_5.archive,S=275069:2,S
> /var/spool/mail/virtual/archive/sl/.Sent/cur/1335243986.M749883P23366V000000
> 0000000801I0000000000820E9D_6.archive,S=275069:2,S
> /var/spool/mail/virtual/archive/sl/.Sent/cur/1335243987.M926961P23366V000000
> 0000000801I0000000000820EA0_9.archive,S=111888:2,S
> /var/spool/mail/virtual/archive/sl/.Sent/cur/1335243988.M718230P23366V000000
> 0000000801I0000000000820EA1_10.archive,S=111888:2,S


You might have duplicate copies of the messages: that is different files
with the same message. (I think the search returns all the filenames
but am not sure.) Notmuch uses the messageid so you would just need to
check if some of these files have the same message-id header.

Best wishes


> Which is two more results than required. If I choose different offset values
> then the number of returned results will vary too. 
> If I issue:
> notmuch search --offset=6 --limit=2 steve
> It returns two results as expected, if I change the output type to anything
> other than files (summary/threads/messages/tags) then the correctly limited
> list is returned. So it only seems to happen with the files output type.
> Both json and text format types exhibit the same behaviour.
> Am I using this correctly ? I expect only two results to be returned but
> being new to notmuch gives me doubts that what I am doing may be incorrect.
> My apologies if the mailing list is not the place for this sort of report,
> please direct me to a more appropriate place.
> Many Thanks
> Jake
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