[PATCH v7.1 00/11] Reply enhancements, second attempt

Austin Clements amdragon at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 14 15:26:51 PDT 2012

Quoth Adam Wolfe Gordon on Mar 13 at 10:30 pm:
> Hi everyone,
> This is mostly a re-send of last night's series [1]. The only changes are:
> * Fixed the emacs patch, where I had a rebase issue.
> * Fixed the commit that re-added test/test-lib by accident.
> * Fixed devel/schemata per Austin's review of the previous version.
> Since this series seems to be getting close, I figured I'd add a NEWS entry
> for good measure.
> Thanks for all the reviews so far, and I hope this is almost ready!
> [1] id:"1331525142-30539-1-git-send-email-awg+notmuch at xvx.ca"


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