[notmuch] Update Patch Series. Only collapse part of citations.

david at tethera.net david at tethera.net
Fri Dec 25 12:09:06 PST 2009

On Fri, 25 Dec 2009 09:47:02 +0800, Kan-Ru Chen <kanru at kanru.info> wrote:

> I like this idea, but this patch hides all citations larger than the
> threshold. I'd like to see limited lines of citations been displayed.

Since you ask nicely, OK :).

I kept it as two patches so that people could compare the usability of
both versions.  

[PATCH 1/2] notmuch.el: Refactor citation markup. Variables for minimum size, button text.

This is as before, except one stray '*' deleted from the regex for
matching citations. This bug was only detected when I started
partially hiding citations.

[PATCH 2/2] notmuch.el: show some of citation even when hiding.  

This implements Kan-Ru's suggested format. I also changed the default
text on the citation buttons so that it made a bit more sense when the
citation was expanded.

At first I thought having the buttons in the middle of an expanded
citation would be really irritating, but I got used to it pretty
quickly. So give it a chance ;).  Hiding buttons or replacing them
looks a bit messy to me.


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