[notmuch] automatically assigning tags to new messages?

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Fri Dec 18 09:53:09 PST 2009

On Fri, 18 Dec 2009 12:54:39 +0100, Marten Veldthuis <marten at veldthuis.com> wrote:
> > - if it is coming from me, tag it +sent, but not +unread or +inbox
> Not quite sure. Currently I'm not doing this, don't know if this is
> possible within a single incantation of notmuch-tag. I think you
> probably need a first search to get message ids, and then tag only those
> message ids (doing it like the others above would tag all messages in
> the thread with sent, which is probably not what you want).

Hi Marten,

I'm not sure what's different about this case. A command like those you
provided earlier should work fine.

The "notmuch tag" command only tags individual messages explicitly
matched by the search terms. It never expands the tagging to unmatched
messages in the same thread.


PS. I've talked before about allowing for the configuration file to do
automatic tagging of messages. I've also talked about making something
like "virtual tags" where any automatically-applied tags would act
somehow differently than standard flags.

More recently, my thinking is taking me away from both of those ideas. I
think now that what I want in the configuration file is simply a set of
saved search strings. Something like:

	interesting = to:notmuchmail.org and not from:cworth

and then this could be used within a search string such as:

	notmuch show search:interesting

This would make it very clear that "saved searches" are separate from
tags, and you might very well want to combine them in a single search:

	notmuch show search:interesting or tag:interesting

As I think about this, I think these saved searches could displace much
of my use of tags, (at least all of the tags which I'm automatically
applying in the script I run after "notmuch new"). The big difference
would be that the UI wouldn't provide an indication of a message
matching particular saved searches the way it does for tags. But I might
actually prefer that, (since currently, I have so many
automatically-applied tags on every message that the display is often
just a lot of noise).

Anyway, that's something I plan to experiment with.
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