[notmuch] [PATCH] Support for deletion by the emacs client

Matthieu Lemerre racin at free.fr
Sun Dec 13 03:52:56 PST 2009


I tried notmuch and I really like it. I like having an emacs email
client, but was proficient with none of them (neither with non-emacs
clients, btw). Notmuch really seems the way to go.

However, support for deletion is important to me. Here is a first patch
that implements it for the emacs interface.

Here is how I did it: notmuch-search no longer list arguments with the
deleted tag, unless you execute it with a prefix arg. When you launch it
with C-u s, the query string changes, and it provides you the current
query string by default.

That way, if you want to search for mail, and then decide that you may
have deleted it, you just have to type C-u s to find it. The good part
is that it works even if you didn't knew about it, i.e. if you type C-u
s to launch a new query.

I also added a command history to notmuch-search.

Now I'd like to write a command to expunge deleted mails; this shouldn't
be difficult. Having notmuch detect that some mails disappeared and
update the database seems more difficult, though.

Matthieu Lemerre

PS: I have trouble understanding why space on the last message on a
thread deletes the inbox tag. If you do it, then you mail becomes
untagged and imo quite difficult to search. How is the mail flow
supposed to work?

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