[notmuch] [Orgmode] Notmuch: An emacs interface for fast global search and tagging of email

Mark Anderson markr.anderson at amd.com
Thu Dec 10 09:15:34 PST 2009

Excerpts from Jed Brown's message of Thu Dec 10 05:26:25 -0700 2009:
> On Wed, 09 Dec 2009 12:00:21 -0800, Carl Worth <cworth at cworth.org> wrote:
> > 1. Rewriting the code to not use apply-partially
> 1b. Use apply-partially
> (defun apply-partially (fun &rest args)
>   "Return a function that is a partial application of FUN to ARGS.
> ARGS is a list of the first N arguments to pass to FUN.
> The result is a new function which does the same as FUN, except that
> the first N arguments are fixed at the values with which this function
> was called."
>   (lexical-let ((fun fun) (args1 args))
>     (lambda (&rest args2) (apply fun (append args1 args2)))))

Thanks, that is nice to have. Maybe after about 13 years of Emacs use I'll try to learn more lisp than Google-copy-paste.

Unfortunately for my specific case, that still didn't let the '?' key work.

	if: Symbol's function definition is void: mouse-event-p

I seem to have lots of issues in emacs 22.2, but my Elisp is weak enough that I don't know how this ought to be handled.

There is the possibility of requiring 23.1 for notmuch.el, that may be easier, then I'll just stop trying with 22.2

Thanks again,

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