[notmuch] [PATCH 2/9] Adjust autoload comments

James Rowe jnrowe at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 12:38:00 PST 2009

On Sat, 28 Nov 2009 09:27:00 -0800, Keith Amidon <camalot at picnicpark.org> wrote:
> I was interested in them because the gentoo packaging support for emacs
> includes the ability to automatically create autoloads from these
> comments for installed add-on packages that then get loaded system-wide
> when emacs is started.  

  I have to admit I played with elisp-make-autoload-file in my ebuild
initially, but came to the conclusion there wasn't a great deal of
purpose to exposing more than the main notmuch function. Mostly because
it muddies my emacs and shell autocompletion, and my laziness prevailed.
Am I missing some obviously useful things that can be done if
notmuch-{folder,search} are available directly?

  I just pushed out an update that uses it, mostly so I can see the
reaction of my work colleagues in the morning. So, it may or may not be
there by lunchtime GMT tomorrow :)

> I've my own ebuild using this functionality right now that is just
> slightly different from the one that was posted here a little while ago.
> I've been meaning to merge my version with that one but haven't gotten
> to it yet.

  Post a link! If it is better than mine I'll happily switch our
installs to it.
  If you're merging the two please look at the github version[1] as it
is significantly different from the version I originally posted, almost
entirely as a result of the helpful contributions from others.

  I had planned on posting a patch for inclusion in packaging/Gentoo per
Carl's mail[2], but the whole GPL 2 vs 3 thing made me put it on the
backburner and I haven't looked again. Might still be useful to people
unless there is going to be a "real" release soon, as then it would be
easier to push for it on bugs.gentoo.org.

1. http://github.com/JNRowe/misc-overlay/tree/master/mail-client/notmuch/
2. id:87lji1k014.fsf at yoom.home.cworth.org


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