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Keith Amidon camalot at picnicpark.org
Sat Nov 28 13:14:03 PST 2009

{-- Sat, 28 Nov 2009 09:49:58 -0800: Carl <cworth at cworth.org> wrote: --}
  Carl> So when there are quick and easy things, (like calling an
  Carl> existing function on an 'f' binding like above), that totally
  Carl> makes sense to do. We can look at things like that as interim
  Carl> solutions until the C program grows up.

  Carl> Long-term, I do expect a lot of features to end up being
  Carl> implemented in the C program.

Thanks for your perspective on the best place for things to be
implemented.  I like the pragmatism of using what's easily available in
emacs now and moving to using functions provided by the C implementation
as they become available in the future.  

Since I have relatively limited time right now, I'll probably be a lot
more productive hacking elisp code.  I won't get too attached to that
code though... :-)

        --- Keith

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