[notmuch] Mailing list Reply-To munging and notmuch reply

Jed Brown jed at 59A2.org
Sat Nov 28 08:05:06 PST 2009

First, I'm aware that such munging is A Bad Thing


but a lot of lists do it anyway (mostly to work around widely used
mailers with lame defaults).  After munging, we get headers looking like

  From: Some User <some.user at example.com>
  To: Sample users list <sample-users at sample.org>
  Reply-To: Sample users list <sample-users at sample.org>
Notmuch reply produces

  To: Sample users list <sample-users at sample.org>,
      Sample users list <sample-users at sample.org>

Handling this is a bit messy, I think we want the current behavior
unless To matches Reply-To, in which case we use From and Reply-To.  If
this is indeed the least bad behavior, I will make a patch for it.

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