[notmuch] [PATCH 3/3] notmuch.el: Select tag names with completion.

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Nov 26 07:15:54 PST 2009

On Mon, 23 Nov 2009 01:10:56 +0100, Jan Janak <jan at ryngle.com> wrote:
> Several commands ask the user for a tag name. With this feature the
> user can just press tab and Emacs automatically retrieves the list of
> all existing tags from notmuch database with 'notmuch search-tags' and
> presents a completion buffer to the user.
> This feature is very useful for users who have a large number of tags
> because it saves typing and minimizes the risk of typos.


This feature is incredibly useful. Thanks so much for coding it!

I've had a bunch of messages that were effectively "lost" to me since
switching from sup. I had been experimenting with different tag
schemes, renaming tags, etc. within sup. But in sup there was no
global-search-based tag manipulation command, so no easy way to update
the tag names for messages tagged under the old scheme.

I'd been aware of the problem and knew I could just code something up to
search for those old tags. But now I get to see the full list every time
I hit TAB in emacs. So thanks!

I do still want to unify search, search-messages, search-tags, count,
etc. But I've gone ahead and merged this whole series as-is to get the
functionality out there for now.

I assume that everyone is aware that I'm reserving the right to change
the library and command-line interface as much as I want right now.

If you've got code or scripts that depend on these interfaces, I highly
recommend that you get them contributed to the notmuch repository so
that we can fix them up as we rework the library and command line.

(So, Bart, I'll merge the vim stuff which is using "notmuch count"
before I change that, so I can fixup the vim stuff at the same time.)

Thanks again, Jan! Well done.


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