[notmuch] [PATCH 2/4] notmuch: Config option to specify tags to be applied by 'notmuch new'.

Bart Trojanowski bart at jukie.net
Wed Nov 25 12:56:39 PST 2009


I really want this feature to get in, so I am going to do my best to
review your code :)

Here are some more sticking points...

> +char **
> +notmuch_config_get_new_tags (notmuch_config_t *config, size_t *length);

If you are not giving over control of the pointer to the caller please
return const char * const *.


> +    char **new_tags;

... this should probably be const char **.


> +char **
> +notmuch_config_get_new_tags (notmuch_config_t *config, size_t *length)

... but ...

> +    unsigned int count, i;
> +
> +    if ((tags = notmuch_config_get_new_tags (config, &count)) == NULL)
> +	return;

size_t != unsigned int on all platforms.  Please stick with one or the
other.  Note there are a few calls to fix here.


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