[notmuch] notmuch 'index' mode.

Bart Trojanowski bart at jukie.net
Tue Nov 24 15:40:40 PST 2009

* Keith Packard <keithp at keithp.com> [091124 11:38]:
> A disadvantage I see is that you would not see this 'virtual tags' in
> the list of tags on each message. And, we'd have to put the virtual tags
> in the .config file or the command line would become a lot less
> useful. Speaking of which, we should put the folders in the .config file
> in any case, and provide command line syntax to use them.

I too would vote for this approach.  I'd like to keep as much smarts in
the notmuch executable as it would mean less to port to other (non
emacs) interfaces.


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