[notmuch] [PATCH] Add SCons build files.

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Sun Nov 22 08:00:26 PST 2009

The SCons build files are not meant to require emacs.  If I've messed
something up and emacs is somehow required I would consider that a bug
and would try to fix it.

As far as availability, I'm sure that SCons is one yum or apt-get or
<insert other package management system command> away.   The only
people that would face more than a minor inconvenience are people that
prefer to download tarballs and compile and install things themselves.

Yes, I'm sure that make is widely available, but as notmuch gets used
on a wider variety of systems some sort of configuration system will
become necessary.  If I can prevent another project from going down
the autoconf/automake path I'll be happy.  I started creating CMake
build files but I don't know CMake well enough to come up with a
working build.

On 11/22/09, Bart Trojanowski <bart at jukie.net> wrote:
> * Jeffrey C. Ollie <jeff at ocjtech.us> [091122 08:47]:
>> The SCons build files included here *should* do everything that the
>> current Makefiles do, plus a little bit of configuration checking.  To
>> build/install:
> Wouldn't that have the unfortunate side effect of making notmuch
> unusable w/o emacs and scons installed?
> GNU make has a much wider install base, and notmuch is still very useful
> without emacs.
> -Bart
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